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HD-2: High-Definition MPEG-2/4 QAM Set-Top Box for TVs

The HD-2 HD QAM set-top box is designed for TVs that either have no built-in QAM tuner or have an existing QAM tuner with limited RF channel capacity. TVs with limited capacity tuners will not handle a complete channel line-up and only broadcast a set range of radio frequencies (RF) which carry the channels. The main symptom of needing the additional set-top box tuner is missing channels. While the channels that are received come in clear, some channels may also struggle or take a moment to come on. This unit features both HDMI for high definition resolution and standard composite outputs. Since the set top box becomes the tuner, your TV will become a monitor. You will need to switch the TV to the input used (HDMI or Composite). The remote control supplied with the set top box will need to be used to change the channels.

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